Face of a 😈

Everytime I see her ugly face the devil’s blood run thou my vains like a raging for it burns thou my skin. Her eyes how they stare at me makes me feel so in raged that I feel the claws grow out of my skin and the taste of blood fills my lips. Her worthless lies , her rude comments makes my mind feel out of control I can’t stop it and when I see her ugly fucking face , 🐲 makes me feel so mad that I cry out in pain due to her face , due to her false words. I will have my revenge in the end I will take the very breath out of her make her gasp for air. To take her own words and use them against hers. To see how little , how stupid and sad she looks and when she sees my dark eyes glow her very skin will be so cold so defeated she will lost her voice cause I took her voice box this Devil herself will have nothing to say but to look in the eyes of a young girl who took everything from her. To see her hateful eyes see me give her a smirk. To cut down her platform , to see her eyes go dark to see her hurt by my doing is the single moment I can’t wait to give her for what her words did to me. Pay back is a bitch and this Bitch going down for treatment different all cause I have mental illness….. I will be on top I will win

Here a crazy thought I had

How come when you stare at yourself your eyes don’t move. I can feel my eyes move back and forth I look at each eye but yet my eyes stay still so I’m I at pause in the mirror do I even move at all. Now if I move my body I move but if I move my eyes I’m still like a pic. Crazy thought I had it’s weird why don’t my eyes move in the mirror but my body does. What do my eyes have to hide what’s the big secret. I’m trying to see but I don’t see cause my eyes stay still. Try it stare at yourself move your eyes side to side your eyes will Not move at all kinda freaky 


Wanted to say goodnight or good morning y’all if you had a bad day just remembere the next that kisses the sky in the morning is a new day new start. Stay Positive. And never toxic thoughts throw that away as far as you can throw you don’t need that in your life it does nothing for you but bring you down and everyone around you. Smile , laugh , enjoy the outside world go to the park walk by the river and enjoy the warm sun. Winter is over Spring is here and soon summer. Be blessed for what you got in your life. Don’t let anyone tell you any different you are beautiful and love yourself know who you are as a person. Stand tall be brave be blessed always be yourself never be anyone else but you. Don’t be fake real be honest be faithful an devoted to what you want in your life don’t let people bring you down you be the better person. Say out loud , I am Beautiful I am strong I will fight for what I want in my life an who I want in my life. I know it’s hard when it’s your own family but if they make you feel small then there not worth being around cut them out of your life be loved have faith have fate never give up on your dreams and Hope you can do it once you do you will feel free like tons of bricks just fell off you. Stay safe Goodnight hoped this helped you in some way. I’m Out peace