I don’t try to Hate

I found out ” My birth Mother” was in my daughters page I have not seen her in 15 years and now she acting like a ” Grandma” to my daughters I had to find her on fb and told her my kids don’t need to be hurt by you so stay off her page you lost that right to be in her life. You never cared about me or my kids now that you are getting old now you want to be in her life. Stay off her page that’s my daughter….. Sorry I don’t Tell anyone who you are I don’t know you and I don’t want to. She looks nothing to me she looks diff from what I remember she was all I’m just talking I don’t give a fuck I asked nicely….. I don’t like to hate it’s not worth my time or engery.

I have to Protect my kids heart she is a hurtful person my kids don’t need that in there life . I’m sorry to say but I’m not sorry for my words or actings I did what I feel was right. Any mother will protect there child. I try not to be rude or hateful but again I did what was right. 

Hope I don’t hurt any one who follows me I did what was right