Me me me


I hate my stupid ass body

I hate how I can’t have fun or go out with my husband and have fun like everyone else. Every Dame day I’m hurtting or I have to stay home can’t go to the clubs and drink I have to stay home by myself while the rest of the world haves fun. I can’t listen to music at the clubs like tonight everyone is going out. Nope not me I have to stay home again!!! I feel so depressed why me I hate my stupid ass body it ruins everything I’m so sick of it

I’m a mentor

My caseworker came to me the one person who helped me find , will me I had no idea who I was I hated myself. I found who I want to be an I love who I became and now talk to people who are lost I tell my story let them hear and see that they can also be found. I tell them how important it is to go to every support group I been going to support group since Dec 2015. I go cause I want to I go cause I have to. It helps me stay out of the hospital it helps me be strong And free to speak how I feel I don’t hold anything inside any more I let go of all that toxic that was taking over my life. I forgave my father for killing himself didn’t happen over night took 9 years. Still hard cause I miss him so but no longer feel hate. I try to live a happy life. I got a great thing going two amazing daughters and the world’s greatest husband who supports me and loves me and I feel so blessed this time in my life and I thank God everyday that he sent me back to earth. The day I did all I could to take my own life. I now know why it wasnt my time