Face of a 😈

Everytime I see her ugly face the devil’s blood run thou my vains like a raging for it burns thou my skin. Her eyes how they stare at me makes me feel so in raged that I feel the claws grow out of my skin and the taste of blood fills my lips. Her worthless lies , her rude comments makes my mind feel out of control I can’t stop it and when I see her ugly fucking face , 🐲 makes me feel so mad that I cry out in pain due to her face , due to her false words. I will have my revenge in the end I will take the very breath out of her make her gasp for air. To take her own words and use them against hers. To see how little , how stupid and sad she looks and when she sees my dark eyes glow her very skin will be so cold so defeated she will lost her voice cause I took her voice box this Devil herself will have nothing to say but to look in the eyes of a young girl who took everything from her. To see her hateful eyes see me give her a smirk. To cut down her platform , to see her eyes go dark to see her hurt by my doing is the single moment I can’t wait to give her for what her words did to me. Pay back is a bitch and this Bitch going down for treatment different all cause I have mental illness….. I will be on top I will win


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