Feeling Depressed

I try to be strong for me , my daughter’s my love and I do what I can to be happy. When your sick every , single , Dame day it’s harder. In pain all day everyday , sore , tried on pain pills all day you really don’t have the quality of life. They make me sleepy I miss things cause I hurt to much or tried or just to worn out I dont want to do anything. Putting on a fake smile gets tried to. I see how I used to be out and about now I barely get out and when I do I can’t over do it or I cant keep up I have to go home rest. Having Motility Disorder is very hard on your body I do what I can with pain but being hooked on pain pills that’s the last thing I need that is worse than the pain you get hooked so you take more and more . I try to go as long as I can before I touch those pills



  1. Aweni · March 5, 2017

    Wow! You are a fighter and a survivor! Keep keeping on!

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