Boogie man

I really hate the night time I’m not afraid of the dark , I’m afraid what’s in the dark huge diff.. Once apond a time the boogieman was real only came out at night like a pray he haunts for me know where to go , know where to hide. He stil finds you. You try to be quite as a mouse not breathe to hard he got really good ears. Once he finds you hell on earth begins. Don’t bother yelling for help know one can hear you frozen with such fear your whole body shakes. You try to close your eyes to make it go away but even in my dreams the boogieman follows me. I can’t rewrite the past , I don’t have a time machine and if I did I would change it to a peaceful happy time not be so scared. When he stares at you will such coldness , a dead soul , body taking over had if the devil found a human to change his appearance. Your so afraid you can’t move , talk or run it’s like a movie stuck with know way out. Once the stars come out the moon is bright and full you would think that is peaceful and hope that my nightmare will be over. 5 long painful years he haunted me and one day it all stopped , he didn’t come and find me to take me away. I would try to find this devil I was so afraid of but never to be seen again. I saw the boogieman face I know it will but his face changed his eyes looked more human he acted diff than before. 

9-13 years old he came for me I’m not sure why but he was gone.

Still today 38 years old sometimes I have bad dreams or feel afraid. I’m just glad my Boogieman never found me again…. 

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