Rage inside

A 4 small little word that can cause chaos and destruction. The burning fire that flows thou my veins is like turning into a monster. Eyes go dark , eyes don’t look like mine , my heart has turn to stone so I feel no pain. My voice has changed a tone that would even scare the devil himself and he don’t feel fear…. Yelling,  screaming at the top of my lungs until my voicebox bleeds and my words go silent… I breath heavy it’s hard for me to caught my breath. I fell so hard on my knees that I made them bleed but my rage doesn’t feel the pain. I throw rocks into the river trying to curse but I yelled so hard my voice is gone. I stare at the waves how they move up and down like a dance. Ducks talking amoung themselfs. It’s peaceful , no sound of cars , or kids near by all I hear is the sound of birds and geese and ducks. I play with the water feel the coolness of the river and as I’m doing this a little duck sits right by me I try not to move so I don’t scare away this lonely duck. It made me look at him so sad I bet your feeling the same huh? … All the other ducks are playing in the water I wonder if the duck is feeling sadness or rage. Did the others make fun of him I wonder. I sat down on the ground and this weird pretty duck

Doesn’t move , doesn’t fly away I think all he needed was a friend so I told this duck I’ll be your friend and I named him Apolo ( Greek name) .. before I knew it all of that rage and madness I was feeling some how went away all thanks to my new friend Apolo. .

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