About my 3 loves of my life.

1. Alexius born Feb 25 , 1997 2:15 am 6 pounds 10 oz 23 1/2 iches long. Born Blue eyes and no hair.

She is talented , and had such a pure heart and loves working at her daycare. She works with kids from newborn to age 3. She loves to please people and shows that know matter how hard or how long it takes her to her dreams she continue to fight for what she wants. She loving , and caring and kind. She not one to mess with her mommy me and her sister. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She has grown up to be so amazing.

2. Katlein born June 30 , 2000 she is my lucky ☆ I was told I wouldn’t be able to carry her full term and I told the doctors there not taking her it’s not your choice. I held on as long as I could but at 7 months going on 8 months I had to have her. She was born at 6:15pm 6 pounds 9 oz 10 inches long. She is my little fire cracker , she bubbly , silly , goofy , so funny she lives to make people laugh. Lives to joke around. Loud you always know where she at. Loves taking selfies like any other teen. She loves animals , loves to bake wants to be a talented baker and maybe own her own store. She loving loves to cuddle and had a amazing laugh.

3. Jeff is kind , caring , amazing , handsome has a huge heart lives to help anyone when he can , how ever he can. Helps the homeless with $ or food. He is bright , driving follows his dreams. He is funny makes me laugh , loves music and always dancing to make me laugh. He charming and a blessing in me and my kids life. 


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  1. me · February 15, 2017


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