It’s amazing how a 4 letter word can have the biggest moments of your life. It gives you peace , joy , love and makes you fight to be a good person. Your strong , brave and inspirational to others as long as you Believe in yourself. Talking Positive giving yourself dreams , and following your heart. Don’t let anyone take that from you that’s yours that’s not there Hope to take. Your Hope is in your heart , your soul , your very veins. Don’t let anyone be little you. Don’t let foul mouths who spread toxic words in your life. You are better than them you have what they want but you can’t let them have it. Hold on to it so tight your fingers are blue. ♡♡♡ Love yourself , love who you are as a person , be who you want to be , you run your life your decisions. Everything you do in your life , the path to choice right or left but never backwards… Never go that way. Don’t be afraid to speak up when someone telling you that you can’t make it or say nothing but complete rubbish. You know what you do when you see that person. Wave byee walk away you don’t need to say a word. You be the bigger person cause that person you don’t need them. It may be hard but it’s the only way to protect Hope.. Fight for what you want in your life. Thinking , dreaming of going back to school but to afraid , don’t let fear get in your way of your dreams and Hopes. One step at a time you can do this I know you can your strong person. Want to change jobs or move to another state but only thing negative thoughts. You will just be walking in circles. You have to let go of that toxic fear and just take that leap. H.O.P.E 

Know it , learn it , keep it 


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