NIMH » Brain Basics

This amazes me how the brain works. I would love for them to study my own brain. With my mental illness to see what’s caused it to happen and why. I never use to have…. Depression , Anxiety,  PTSD , bipolar disorder , It didn’t start until my daddy’s death in 20o7 when his Depression was so selfish and took my daddy from me. His death shocked my mind some how and ever since then I never been right. Everyday is a battle a fight for my own life. December 2016 was my last attempted to Suicide. I took 3 bottles of pills all of it got drunk and I don’t remember even doing all that stuff. I was that lost. If any doctor reading this please look at my brain see where at got all messed up.



  1. Soul Gifts · January 26, 2017

    Grief can come out in so many ways – I’m sure your daddy would want you to look after yourself and stay well.

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    • L+L Monster · January 26, 2017

      Yes I try everyday to its hard when you was daddy’s lil girl we was always close

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      • Soul Gifts · January 26, 2017

        Being daddy’s little girl would mean that he would want nothing but the best for you. Try remembering the good times and that he would want you to be happy, especially when it gets tough. Take care


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