Vampire taste of blood

I see your face the hunt is on following you waiting for the moment I sink my fangs into your neck waiting for that moment as you turn into a vampire. The thought of it makes me feel high. Why is everything so fucking hard for me why won’t you die your blood in mine. Matching the dark shadows of the night peeking into Windows wondering who will be next to join my crew , my band , my children of the night. Walking around with no worries in the world. I’m all alone in this plan world until that one-day that changed everything. I been alseep for years and I been around for thousands of years and I never felt this way before I’m a Vampire who heart that does not beat but on this day I felt it beat for th e very first time. I saw his face , his smile , his love it was contagious. I thought maybe a evil spell was apone me. Was I turning like those humans that walk around this world. I started talking to him and when he kissed me I didnt have the urge to change him into a Vampire instead I choose to save him from it. 10 months later we still just as strong a bond that will never be broken. 

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