The Nothing.

 I don’t know if y’all remember The never ending story about how the nothing cames thou and ruins everything it touches. I use to be so afraid of the nothing and I could relate to it. Cause the nothing came into my life and turned everything upside down. Made me sick when I was never sick before but I’m 2007 my nothing came and took my daddy from me and I never got to say goodbye. My hands was not strong enough to hold him up and the nothing took him. Once again the nothing came after me it’s like it knows where I am even if I hide. I got sick and had to have a colostomy bag something I didn’t want but had no choice. That was Trauma to me and that same nothing gave me a gift that I don’t want. Depression , anxiety , post-traumatic stress disorder, anger issues , abandonment issues , bipolar. Why does the nothing always came to me and break everything that it touches. Without Hope and living in Peace and wonder in things. I may be to old for stuff but I believe in magic of things and the power of hope and how that hope can help find that peace that I do feen for. There are days where it’s hard but with the love of support of love ones can make me try as hard as I can. Don’t let your Nothing take you over. Fight everyday 


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