Negitive   toxic , drama 

You don’t need negitive,  toxic , drama , stress in your life all that does is being you down make you feel small , hurts your feelings. People who call you stupid , ugly , worthless , that you really don’t need even if it’s family – who shouldn’t be doing that in the 1st place , friends bestfriends – who should support you Not being you down. What happens when your hearing starts to listen and your mind starts to believe what there telling you. You become Depressed. Become in raged , such Rage you never knew you had. Suicide thoughts start dancing in your head like a lovely dance. Your life of brightness goes away and all you see is darkness. Before you know it your so lost within yourself you don’t even know who you are any more. No matter how hard you try to climb out that hole all those toxic people made for you. Guess what your alone. Only you can get yourself out don’t bother telling your so far down in the ground knowone can hear you not even a Bird can hear you. It’s all up to you if you choose to quit and die all alone , or fight in order to live. There is no rope to guide you out , no stairs nothing. It’s so dark all you see is darkness you can’t even see the sky your so far down. It’s going to be tricky , thee most hardess thing you ever , ever , everrrrrrrrr had to do. Your fingers will bleed from digging in the dirt , your going to get so tried you want to quit , start believing that you will never get out. With thoughts like that you never will. If you change that thought to Hope , Faith , Postive you will see how easy it starts to get. The key you had it this whole time you just had to find it. What’s the key your wondering. Will IT’S LOVING YOURSELF , LOVING WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON , BEING STRONG BRAVE REMOVING ALL TOXIC PEOPLE EVEN FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  You do that and Believe that 100%  soon a ladder will appear and a hand will guide you out who’s hand that helped you out of that deeeeeep depression. Go to the mirror , GO ON WALK UP TO THE MIRROR. YOU… You yourself got out now that you found a new you go to support groups , be around living support of Postive happy people who tell you good things. To hear I’m proud of you. I know you can do this story I’m writting about was ME… I’M THIS STORY I WAS THERE FOR 7 YEARS IN THE DARK… But one-day I got out and as ugly as this sounds losing myself was the best thing that could ever happen to me cause I found myself a better me , a healthier me a stronger me , a brave me. All family if you call themselves that , friends who I thought where friends G.O.N.E ….. I’M now a mentor to others telling my story to spread the value to this. I can’t help everyone but if I can save just 1 life then I feel good about it. 



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