Winter has laid its blanket of snow so gentle untouched. The bitter snow hugs the tall trees. It’s a new year , a new start , a new for everything that is met to be is going to be. This year I will stand tall placing my cold hand in your grave stone hugging it in hopes even in heaven you can feel my touch. A new year of the unknown and waiting for new surprises that awaits me. Maybe a wedding of my oldest and becaming a Grandma for the 1st time. Maybe my own marriage to the live of my life. A healthy life and who knows maybe just maybe I will get my colostomy bag off. Being postive and trying not to be so hard on myself. A life of happiness and enjoying being in love for the 1st time in 3 years. This year make it how you want it to be. It’s a new year for you enjoy every min of the day. Unknown….


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