To many teens dying of there own hand

To many young teens today as young as 10 years old are dying of Suicide these days and I’m not sure if there isn’t enough help or important out there for young teens to go or call for help. DEPRESSION is the number 1 killer that takes young lives. My friends daughter was only 11 years old back in 2001. Sheknew her daughter was depressed and when her mother came home she found her daughter hanging on a beam in her room along with a note. Since then my friend passed away from a broken heart due to the list of her only child. I tell my daughter’s please if you are depressed feel unsafe for Gods sake please come to me don’t take your life you are loved and my heart would stop beating. Be open with your kids look out for signs of depression.  We need to save lives , young lives. Please get help call the hotline in your area , talk to someone tell your mom if you can’t talk to anyone , Anyone!!!! Your life is worth it , You are worth it.



  1. monstamind17 · January 4, 2017

    So sad and real there needs to be more awareness out there.these times are hard for children with so much expectation of themselves in schools.Dealing with bullies parents not listening.And not wanting to talk to strangers of their feelings.Be there for your kids watch for signs and let them know your there for them with open arms 24 -7.

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