Why Now????????

Eyes I don’t know , a face of a stranger talks to me on Facebook and I had to ask ” Who are you?” The lady asked me witha ” what? Really she said her name. Roxane.. I once knew a Roxana when I was about 15 years old. The lady who I’m looking at his no other than my ” Real Mother”.  I said ” I don’t know you Roxane your face is unknown to me , your green eyes are none I remember. So the big question is Why????:Why????? And 1 more Why???? Now Ater all this time you want to come forward into my life you had no right to find me no right to try and reach me your Sorry will never be enough. I will never ever take your Sorry… Not that she said. Not a sorry this is Why I left you at your dad’s mom house ake my grams/mother who raised me. No excuse , I was to young and stupid . NOTHING , NADA , ZIPPPPPOOOO. A 5 Letter Word. S.O.R.R .Y….. I didn’t get that. I was so Pissed off why come to me if your not sorry. You didn’t care then so don’t care now… I blocked her on fb. My mot her is in heaven and Roxane is not her. 


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