Watch “Kid Wins Talent Show Dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean” on YouTube



  1. Elizabeth · December 15, 2016

    I find it interesting that in discussing Michael Jackson, many discuss the changing color of his skin. They discuss the changes in the structure of his face. But Michael’s music makes me dance in the aisles of Stop and Shop. Regardless of the color of the other shoppers; they dance or at least hum, with me. I have see fans of all facial structure and color. I have seen fans filmed from all over the world. Michael lives through his music; which I really feel was his life’s goal. Timeless, inclusive, contageous sound!!! I miss him, but will pretend to be him later on my Wii. Yes I still have a Wii.

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    • Peanut · December 15, 2016

      He is king of pop wanted his music to touch others I dance to lol you don’t have to be any color to love the king of pop

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