Stressed out 

This is when I get stressed out i wear a colostomy bag and today I can barely move my side hurts so got heating pad on my side , took my pain pills I hate taking those I only take them if I have to and today is a have to. Do you notice when you go to the hospital and they ask you ” What seems to be the problem” Well it “seems” everything on the inside wants to be on the outside , but I’m no doctor… I said can I have a pain pill something this is killing me. Then she asked how to you describe your pain… Omg it’s killing me don’t know if you heard that part. From 1-10 how would you rate your pain. They act like they don’t know how to care for you.  I hate going to the ER…  just waiting for my pills to kick in and as long as I don’t move it don’t hurt to much. GRRRRRRR ralllllllly hate this day


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