I’m so Proud of myself I did it…

​Yep everything goin good . I got a good thing going here. I’m getting a award for best successful person from CHC I made it to my goal cause last dec I was in 2north. So it’s been 1 year now not Hospitalized. Anger is uncontrol now only snap if I have to or get loud if I want to get heard. So I am very proud of myself of all the hard very hard have no idea the hard work I had to do to stay out. This year I have the love of my life with me , my daughter moving in with me soon so it’s a even better to keep trying I go to support groups 2x a week now so I can’t go back how I was. Losing myself was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Sounds sad to say but if I didn’t I don’t think I would be here today helping others who are so lost , concussed , depressed or hate who they are. To show them that with help and support groups they can help you find who you support to be. Be Proud of yourself if you was lost and now you are found I know it wasn’t easy but nothing is a easy. Keep working hard keep going even when you are tired. That 1 lazy day you take a break could be your Down fall. You can’t take a break stand tall be beautiful be brave be postive.


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