My star

Ever since I was going I would close my eyes so tight until I saw white dots. I would see my wish float in the air and out my window on that warm spring day. I would wait and wait and I wondering when will my wish find me ,did my wish even come true or did it forget about me. Then in April of 2016 I met the one I never met him until that very day and something inside me told me that wish I made was standing right in front of me and I fell in love with him before I even said Nice to meet you. It was powerful I was drawn in. His beautiful Brown eyes his smile was so bright the sun got  jealous. The way his hand held mine I felt like I was in cloud 9 something I never felt before. His laugh omg his laugh makes me smile makes me laugh it’s addicting.. The 1st time I heard his voice sing the words I been waiting for and it was so worth the wait.” I Love You Baby” and at that very moment I found my soulmate the wish I made on that Warm Spring night.  To see 1st hand that wishes do come true.

I Love You Jeff @monstamind17

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