Night message 12-3-16

I had a pretty good day will kinda had belly aches off and on all day long everytime I eat not sure what that’s about I have to call my doctor on Monday see what’s going on there. I been watching what I ate all day. ate all light stuff so it wouldn’t hurt but still causes me to hurt. I follows the chart I found on Google it said to eat Fiber so I did that but still gave me pain so maybe there is something else going on maybe tomrrow will be better. I get to sleep in got no where to be we got Snow coming about 2-3 inches and cold so I won’t be going out I’m good there  Got grocies , snacks , new markers , coloring books to keep mebusy. I’ll text my daughter’s all day long we might be 3 hours away from each other but I always know where my kids are  My oldest is 19 and always tells me where she going what she doing she is a mama girl I love that my youngest is 16 she texts me thou out the day she texts me but not as much as my oldest. My oldest always tells on herself like tonight she texted me said mommy I was drinking but I didn’t drive at all I had about 3 drinks at a friend’s house. Lol I always told her to never drink and drive even if it’s 1 lil tiny drink she don’t need to be out to always stay safe. no texting and driving she very responsible when it comes to that. We have a very open relationship they can always come to me and talk to me I dont tell judge unless they give me a reason to even then I just say I’m disappointed calmly and that’s enough that hurts them more than anything. She could care less if she hurts her dad feelin lol she only cAres what I think. I give her Advise she can either take it or figure it out for herself , sometimes she trys to figure it out and when she don’t like what happens she will came to me be all upset about. I just say babygirl what did you learn from this? That maybe I should try other way of doing things. I said will then you learned from it so don’t beat yourself up honey. Did you do your best? she said Yes but all sad. No honey don’t be upset as long as you tried you didn’t fail , it’s when you don’t try is when you fail. She felt better about it. I try to teach my kids to try 1st before coming to me so there learn from it. sometimes it works , sometimes it don’t and that’s ok. My youngest was feeling depressed she don’t love herself or feel pretty she tends to stay to herself. Had to tell her about finding yourself , find something your good at learn from it. She getting there…. I worry about my girls but with guideness I know they will be ok… And that was my whole day sorry to blab on and on lol have a good night yall. always stay safe , stay postive 


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