Ostomy Nutrition Guide | Patient Education Materials | UPMC


Gessss all this …… I wear the Colostomy bag been having trouble so Diet for people who wear Colostomy bags this site is for you it will guide you to help in your diet of your having issues with your bag. If anything gets worse please call your doctor or surgery doctor to go over your issues. It’s very important to try and follow the chart it sucks I know but if you want to have an easier Colostomy then you kinda have too or it causes issues. It’s ok to name your colostomy bag I wrote a blog already but any who… If you are out with family , or friends you can say like my bag is called Nala so when I’m going I can tell my family hey nala needs me right now and excuse myself. Find a name that means something make it fun. Nala is from the lion King movie lol if your stuck with it then try and have fun with it it’s not going any where your bag is your new friend so play nice hahahaaha… Hope this site has helped you and always God Bless


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