Who was 1st man and women

I am always wondering who was the 1st man/woman on this planet. A question I may never know when Grams mother had a mother and her mother , and her mother. I am always wondering that question I mean someone had to be the 1st human on this Earth but who. Sure there is stories of Adam and Ave but if they truly was then who was there dad or mom and who was there parents. You got Greek Gods and Goddesses and Kings and Queens all over the world. Will who was there parents then. From apes, I think not then who made the 1st animal on this planet??.  1st Bird , 1st butterfly , 1st lady bug..?? God maybe , Life maybe , I been reading on this I’m surprised that I didn’t really find anything only Adam and Eve will if they was someone had to make the parents in order to have an Adam and Eve right? you can’t be made with out a mother. I don’t know just something I always think about. What do you think was the 1st person??


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