Rude people at Walmart

So today I got my girls Xmas shopping done was in line when this old lady bumped me with her cart to get in front of me I already had my stuff on the belt. So I said ” Excuse me I was here 1st my stuff on the belt you can’t just hit me with your cart to get in front of me” thought was said nicely but her tone and she said ” I don’t give a shit I got stuff to do” ok so my daddy told me if I can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. Well I broke that rule had to be loud with the last she tried to put my stuff back. The cashier even told her that ivwas there 1st and she started yelling saying she was there 1st when she wasnt. im an old lady I want to go 1st. Lol so I said well you are not going to be 1st today to back off of me and she pushed me so I said lady you better get off of me if you put your hands on me again I’m going to have to put my hands on you. So manager came still she was saying she was 1st when I was the only one in line… Baw hum but lady. So the manager told her to put her stuff back in the cart and he would take her in another line. All I could do was smile and just walk away. Gesssss!!!! She was very rude..


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