A worm hole 

There are days when we are sad and there are days that are good. Holidays are always hard on me since my parents are fine , my kids who live 3 hours away. Can be very hard I try to hide my pain from others cause of I’m down then it brings them down. That will just make me feel bad that I’m doing that to them. I try to be Strong for my kids so I don’t scare them or make them feel bad. If they see smiling then they smile cause it shows that I’m ok and we,will have our time together. I been under stress with this whole lawyer thing , moving , holidays , missing my kids , been not in good health is a lot to handle all at once. I can’t smile all the time , there are days where I rather be left alone. Even thou I got support around me I still feel stressed out but I do the best i can. To never put I quit in my life , that my kids need me to be strong cause they both look up to me and I can’t let them down or make them feel sad. Today I wear a mask that is not my own and that’s ok but tomorrow is a new day and just let things happen I can’t make things go any faster , that things don’t happen over night that I can’t change things. That in the end of this to be  positive and think about the good things. How I’m moving to 1 bedroom until a 2 bedroom with in the future my daughter is moving in with me , and far as everything else will I’m working on that part with my caseworker… God Bless try to have a good day and if you need an ear I’m here for you…


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