I’m Thankful for My hubby , My kids for my family , friends who never gave up on me who has always supported me thou all my haredest times. To hear I’m proud of you. Means the world to me. I’m proud of myself for all the hard work and  dedication. It was hard and took a long time to get where I am today. I still have a lot of work to do I just do one day at a time and never missed one day of my Support Group and I found myself again and I learned to love myself again and I try to help others if I can. I tell my story to maybe someone will read or hear about that if you believe in yourself you can get far in life. Life is to short so try to enjoy your life. I know everyday can’t be roses and  daisies , there will be good days and bad days but if you can have more good days than bad then you should be Proud of yourself.. Keep up the hard work


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