support groups near me | my last Hospital stay was Dec 2015 , now next month for me is a huge award for me. I been in support group ever since and I’m telling you that they help , please find one near you..I thought it was stupid , dumb I had an attitude I didn’t speak for at least 3 months but once I gave it a chance I’m sure Glad I did cause I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for the support of my caseworkers and new choice ( SUPPORT group). It might be stupid at 1st or feel like a waste of your time but if you just open up and give it a chance it could just save your life and if you think that your life isn’t worth saving then you need to go into the Hospital get help tell them that you need help!!!.. Support Groups can teach you how to use coping skills , how to deal with day to day on your mental illness.. Your life is no joke , You are someone , You have to fight to stay alive it’s not easy I wish it was but it’s long , it’s hard , it gets so tired , but once all that goes away it does get easier. Nothing happens over night I’m not done with group until I feel I’m ready to try on my own and even thou I been going since Dec 2015 , I found out I still have a lot of work to do and i am not ready to do it on my own yet… So try it , give it a try , Stay in it don’t rush…YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT


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