Trump crossed a line

I don’t like talking about Trump he not worth the time but when my own daughter asked if I’m flat chested will I be ugly and not a 10 like how he said mommy…. HELL!!!!! NO Now he is worth talking about don’t he know that Children watch tv they hear and see everything around them. My daughter is 16 years old and I had to tell her even if you had nothing you are beautiful inside and out you do not need to be fully chested in order to be a 10… There is no number on you. Believe in yourself follow your dreams stand up tall and be who you are and never let anyone tell you any different. This breaks my heart that this Fuck Ass  is going to be the Pres.. TRUMP WILL NEVER BE MY PRES… EVER!!!! He messed with my daughter who else daughter is thinking the same. It’s not right he needs to quit he is not a good person and my kids will not follow him or give him RESPECT… The one rule I always told my kids is to always respect people and now I’m telling them to break that rule. Don’t Let that pig tell you that you are ugly , or fat , or flat chested are never a 10 , She ate like a pig…. Oh my goodness this hit a chord with me… Keep kids away from the tv for a while out on something else cause no matter the age of a child , a child hears and see everything…



  1. Vinitha · November 17, 2016

    I totally go with you! Not just Trump, but his followers have also crossed the line several times after the election in terms of racism. You don’t expect thing a like this from whom you expect to set an example across. You are a wonderful mom!šŸ˜Š

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    • tinkbug78 · November 17, 2016

      Thank you. I agree he has until Jan to step down as Pres. He stated he don’t want to luve at the white house full time , will boo who you have to if he don’t agree he has to step down and quit if he quits it goes to Hillary who I voted for she cares about the children and to young women that’s who I want my daughter to look up too not a Pig who gets away with what he is doing

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