What is a God

I was talking about Faith and Beliefs and having  inspiration. On different kinds of Gods. There are so many different  religions. Who says that Jesus is a Guy , how do we know it’s not a Girl.. There is no law no right or wrong answer. As long you have Faith and joy in your life who is to say who your God is.. I say praise to whom you think your God is keep Hope and Faith and Love in your heart and soul. Don’t Let ANYONE—– Tell you any different… I pray before I go to bed in the morning and every moment in between… I have Faith I know when my body dies here on this Earth my soul will find my Mother , My Father I will be with everyone who I lost. My body is just a shell my soul is what will live on forever cause in death it’s forever and my God will take my hand and take me to Heaven or the stars…. God,jesus,Lord,Father,Almighty and the  Messiah….. Big guns upstairs the one in charge of things…. I believe in all of them but in my eyes…. KEEP FAITH ALIVE IN YOUR HEART AND IN YOUR SOUL AND FOR PEACE AND JOY… AMEN


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