Love is real

Sure I been on dates and many times my heart would get broken by lies and by guys who cheated on me for something better. I would look in the mirror and wonder what is this something better and would I ever find out.  I would question myself. I’m I not pretty enough , I’m I beautiful enough , sexy enough to make you stay. is my heart not caring enough is my soul not how you wanted it to be.. I took a break to find myself to love myself and be happy with who I am.. So one night I stood outside found the brightest star * I could find fell to my knees and cried , plead to the Love Goddest to please send me my soul mate. I don’t want another boyfriend I’m looking to find my soulmate someone who is my best friend please take your time I don’t want this chance to be for nothing. Months want by with no signs of my true love… Until April 4, 2015 I met thee most amazing , handsome person I ever laid eyes on it was so hard to look away that I got caught staring.. His Beautiful brown eyes with a tint of green it was like I knew him my whole life. I knew him some how from some where but only just met him. When you kissed for the way time I thought we both was floating in the air.. My heart burst with such Love my soul felt like this is the one I been waiting for. True love , True loves kiss… I knew him for just a second but felt that’s where I was always suppost to be right here at the right time , right place. His heart is so pure and loving. His heart just wants to help the whole world and making it better. He trys with everything he got he never gives up even when he fails. He gives me inspiration to always try my best cause as long as I try in not failing , it’s when you give up is when you fail… He is so funny and always singing or dancing just so he can see me smile.. He is my light my air my all and oh my word my everything.. He is the most beautiful person and he always supports anything I do and makes me try so hard even when I fall. He is there to help me get back up. They say there is no  perfect guy. I say there is cause I’m looking at him right now and his smile is so contagious that it drives me absolutely insane… We are spending out life’s together to grow even stronger and I fall in love wit him every single day… True love is real I thought it was a myth. Bedtime stories and mMae believe.. I’m here to say that LOVE IS SO VERY MUCH REAL. I FEEL SO BLESSED SO LOVED….

I LOVE YOU @MonstaMind17 

You are everything



  1. The Manic Years · October 31, 2016

    What a lovely post. I’m glad to hear that you feel as cherished as you do.

    Here’s to the amazing people we share our lives with ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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