My Daughters saved my life.

When I hear the word Hero two people who are my life , my air and I said so many I love you that my daughter’s each have there own Galaxy…. I never felt so lost , so alone that even my shadow couldn’t find me. I cried so much in my eyes I made an Ocean but this ocean has no life , no beauty , no fish or cute baby turtles. This ocean lays dark no light. Undisturbed almost scary to look at… My heart was so crushed so destroyed that I’m surprised that I was still alive. If I was alive I couldn’t tell if I was or not all the life I had was gone. My face hurt every time I cried it felt like salt getting in a bad wound. I was staring at a face in the mirror of a stranger , a face that was not my own. Course if it was me I forgot what I looked like. I didn’t want that life so I battled up for the most painful battle of a life time. Long nights , long days , long years. I would fall down , sink in quick sand I really had to push myself to stay alive so I wouldn’t sink down to far. I was all alone , no hands , I had to do this for me to fight to stand tall.. I had my 2 daughters who needed there mommy around. Knowing that I hurt them all due to my actions is something I can’t forgive of myself. Not right now maybe in time , I always promised my girls I would always be around for them and I missed 6-7 years without them. I was always sick , always in the hospital,  always running away from my issues instead of facing them. That is when I said enough is enough. I’m so much better that once lifeless ocean is full of color and life full of all kinds of ocean floor fishes,  crabs , and even cute baby turtles…  A ocean where me and my kids can swim with sea life. I MADE IT ALL CAUSE OF MY 2 AMAZING , BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS 


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