A split vote for mental health building in the Quad Cites

  • It’s all about Votes , Votes , Votes Money , Money , Money…. Hummmmm should be about helping the American People who have mental illness a person shouldn’t have to go out of there way to find help. To find rooms because there to full. Here in my own town of Quad Cites Davenport Iowa , Moline Ill… There Voted and it’s a slip Vote and now there not doing anything when we need more beds for people who really need the help but all they care about is Money $$$$$ and Votes. Why do you need to Vote I didn’t know that us as people are looked at as Votes or Money. There are plenty of empty buildings that can be used for beds. That’s not how they see things all they look is a piece of paper and numbers. So let me get th is right… Now us who have mental illness are nothing but numbers on a piece of paper… Wow that makes me feel great about myself knowing that I’m not and the American People are not known as people we are nothing but numbers. Stop looking at the paper and Votes and money and look at me face to face talk to me get to know me my story and how Hospital Stays are so important without that Hospital stay I wouldn’t be here today. There was times where I had to go out of my way just to find room for me and sometimes both Hospitals where full and I had know where to go.. We need more beds , more room we shouldn’t be looked at as numbers on a piece of paper or numbers or votes or money. Knowing that all they see in me as money , Votes. This is so wrong , wrong , wrong… I hope that they can sleep at night knowing that there will be no rooms , no help , no place to go… Can you sleep at night knowing a life as been taking all cuz there was not enough rooms. Mental Illness is a huge issue and it needs to be looked at and should do anything to make more rooms for people who need help. This makes me so mad so upset and sick to my stomach knowing that I’m order to get help I have to be voted on. Might as well let me stand in front of your face let me hold a knife and then have you Vote if I should do it or not..  Why don’t I stand on a bridge and have you Vote if I should jump or not since voting and money is more Important that me and the American People…  You might want to rethink about how you see people who have mental illness. Ill tell you what why don’t you take a gun and ill vote to see if you should or not and by the way there are no rooms , no help nothing your not even being looked at as a person. Your nothing but numbers on a sheet , your nothing but a $ Sign.. Then tell me how it feels to be looked at like that. 

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