Suicide Statistics — AFSP

Suicide is on the rise and we need to save the ones we can. We need more important info on where to go to get help before they decide to take the wrong path. I lost my dad to Suicide in 2007 it was unexpected and the most painful thing I ever , Ever had to go thou.I had to bury my own father and I don’t remember most of it cause I was so in a daze. My uncle said my eyes lost all life and I fell into the deepest darkest depression and me myself had tried Suicide in 2015 and for some reason God sent me back. At 1st I didn’t understand why. You took my daddy why won’t you take me so I can be with him. I was mad as hell,  Now that I got the help I needed I am a speaker talking to others about this issue. I didn’t think I would ever feel free. Tool me 7 years of in and out of hospitals lost time with my kids , my family , I missed birth of my cuz daughter , a wedding and other events.. That’s time I can’t get back. Now I pray that we can help the ones who are lost to show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel…. I hope this site helps you 


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