My story

My caseworker said I should write my story because I’m a success story..That my story could help others. I am now a speaker telling others who are in 2-North which is a mental Hospital helping girls see that the help they get now can help them in the long run. My speak to them was these. ” My name is Shelly and I was in your shoes and in this very hospital that you are in now if you go to room 105 and room 117 you will see my name on the board. It’s time to take those shoes you are wearing to step into shoes like mine that can take you far. Go to every support Group even thou you think it’s stupid or a waste of your time. Support Groups can help you deal with your issues. Speak your mind there not here to judge you or point fingers at you. Tell all your deepest secerts everything let it all out. The more you keep it inside the more Depressed and rage you will have. It’s not good to keep your feeling inside. It’s Toxic and if you don’t get the help your rage might and up hurting you or others and not know it. I know I kept it inside and I paid the price by trying to take my life cause I thought that was the only way out.Please , Please don’t hold it inside please!!!! Talk to someone alone if you don’t want to speak in front of people. Someone will come to your room and speak with you and what you talk about stays in that room. I want you to get a notebook every night write. 1. What is on your mind? Write it down it’s between you and your book. Your book can keep your secrets. Talk about what you wrote about with your psychiatrist… 2. Did you use any coping skills today? 3. How was your Depression Today? 4. How was your rage today? 5. Any pain today?6.What do you want to work on? 7. Any comments you want to share?8.what’s bothering you today? Once your notebook is full burn it or rose it away don’t go back and re-read it. There is no need to you said what you had to you got it off your chest. It’s done it’s over and now learn to move on to another note book and do the same questions.Getting the help now can help you on once you Leave the hospital make sure you are ready to leave don’t leave if you are Not Ready. You will get assigned a caseworker called CHP health care. They will came to your house or meet at the office 



500 W River Dr, Davenport, IA 52801

Closed now 

(563) 336-3000Here is the information you might need…. They will help take you places , such as doctors appointments , fill out paper work or someone to talk too. They have helped me come along ways and they do help.. Everyday is a struggle but with hard work and dedication you can make it you can do it and maybe you can be a speaker and help others who was in your shoes. Telling your story. You have to keep Positive and stay away from Toxic friends and Family even if it hurts. People who are toxic try to bring you down and cause you to get mad or Depressed when you came so far. If they are Negative towards you make you feel small or don’t want anything to do with you then they are no longer apart of your life…. Cont to write in your journal every day same question. Remember once your notebook is full throw it away , send it to the moon if you have to… just kidding…


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