Partial hysterectomy In 2003 I was having really bad cramps and I was bleeding and couldn’t stop that same day I had a emergency partial hysterectomy. I was so Depressed , I have 2 daughters but I want to have one more I don’t know how I know this it’s a deep feeling. I knew it would have been my son. I feel that so deeply just like when I found out I was carrying my daughter I knew she was a girl. My cancer hate my stomach and now I have to wear a Colostomy bag and my immune system is not very good and in winter I have to be really careful about going outside I don’t go out endless I really have to cause if I get a cold or a flu I get to sick and if it’s to cold I can’t go out cause I can get frost bite. Let’s just say I Hate Winter…. My oldest daughter has skin cancer and I pray to God let my baby carry a child!!!!! She is met to be a mommy…


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