Raising Teens

These are my 2 amazing Beautiful daughters. 16 and 19 years old. They live 3 hours away from me and everyday we text or call each other we are very close and we have a open mind relationship. There is Nothing I don’t know about my girls. My oldest is talented , works with kids and just bought her 1st brand new Ford Spark all by herself. I am very proud of her she has her 3rd raise from her job. She Graduated with honors and she don’t let anything get in her way of her dreams.. She 19 years old and she is on the way to a good path.. My youngest is 16 years old she in 11th Grade and she loves all animals and her dream is to work with animals. She volunteered her time to work at a vet so she gets to see what it would be like to work there. She funny loves to make people laugh. I’m very proud of her and her dreams that she is working at. I may be 3 hours away but doesn’t mean I’m not there. They still call me mommy which I love.. I have 2 amazing kids 


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