Anxiety Disorder statistics

Anxiety Disorder affects 18.1 percent of adults (Approximately 40 Million adults between the ages of 18-54 ) Generalized Anxiety Disorder or ( GAD) is characterized by excessive exaggerated anxiety and worry an out everyday life events with no envious reasons for worry. People with symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder tend to worry about Health,  Money , Family,  Work ,School.There is help with Anxiety medicine that do help talk to your doctor to see what pills work for you. If you feel one coming on May down on your bed breath in and put slow try to remain calm hold someone’s hand if you are by yourself remain calm if you start to panic your going to have a Panic Attack and you don’t want that. Call 911 or someone you know to talk to you while you are having a attack. Some attacks last up to 3-5 mins. Try to focus on something in the room look at pics of your kids , family. The more you panic the worse it’s going to be for you. Do not hold your breath that will make you pass out. I learned that the hard way. Breathe slowly close your eyes think of someone close if you have kids think of them. Happy thoughts help. If lasting more than 5 mins call 911 right away.. I hope this helps you learn more about your body and mind.


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