People with Colostomy bags

If You or anyone you know that has a Colostomy bag who need support then my site it for you. Having trouble with bags sticking or when is best to change it. easier ways of taking care of it. It’s been 1 year now and there are days where this bag can make me go crazy and make me depressed or angry. I’m still having issues with it pain wise and some bags don’t stick so I tried a new brand called Convatec. it’s very comfortable and very reliable a lot of people who have a colostomy bag give their bags and nickname so it is very discreet. Mine Nala , silly I know but if I’m out some where I can say Nala needs me and excuse myself. It’s going to be apart of you it will be hard at first might  make you depressed. It took me almost 7 months to leave the house. Get to know how to use your bag when you supposed to change your bag how long can you go before you need to change it. Everyone is different and it depends how full it gets. If having discomfort or pain use heating pad for 10 mins…. Make sure you tell your surgeon about your pain ask questions. If starting to get backed up ask your Doctor what is best for you. You should have movement almost everyday. Dont panic if you go 2 -3 days with nothing. Call your doctor and let them help you find ways for your bag to move. You don’t want to get backed up. Swimming!! Yes you can go swimming with a swimming kit you can’t go swimming with a regular bag it will fall off. You have to have a swimming kit!!!. Baths.Yes you can take a bath with just your regular bag as long as it’s not soaking for to long. Wash area with mild soap Dove works with me because it’s gentle. Taking showers .. Yes you can take showers with the bag off let the warm water hit the area and it feels like Heaven!!!!!… Make sure you have baby gentle wipes on hand toilet paper sticks to your stoma so try not to use that.  There will be days where your stoma goes to very small to big or looks puffy that is all normal your stoma will be large right after surgery. After a few months your stomach will shrink down to a normal size and stay there. Might start off at the top but soon be small. Mine was top line. 1 year later I  cut the line around the 32inch line.. Your doctor will start you off on lite  foods some foods have to stay away from. Mine was Corn. Your doctor will explain what type of diet you have to be in at 1st. Then later you can eat or drink what ever later but still watch what hurts you what type of food you ate. Keep a journal of what you are eating so the doctor can see your chart of the foods you are eating to help maybe change what you are eating. I know it’s hard and you wish you could just take this off. You will get use to it where it’s no big deal. If You need advise or ways of making your bag better don’t be afraid to ask me questions I am here to help with your new friend the bag lol….


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